Self catering apartments in Rome and Venice

The Mezzanino

Size 70 sq m

1 double room; two divan beds in the sitting room, shower /WC.

Campiello, a raised mezzanine- raised initially to avoid flooding- has the added bonus of the windows finding themselves relatively low down.
It  is on the raised ground floor of the listed gothic palazzetto at 4935. Built in the mid fifteenth century as a copy of the Ca´d´Oro by an admiring but less successful merchant than the merchant on the Grand Canal, this charming building is particularly well sited, with open views on all sides.
Accommodation is 70 square metres and consists of an romantic old Venetian country kitchen/ dining room ( original Venetian "foger" or country fireplace; Miele appliances; fully equipped); Shower/ WC; large sitting room with sofa beds; double bedroom, two single beds, closet . Own entrance, independent boiler. Fully restored.

All the windows look straight over the campiello and diagonally, south east, across the canal of Santa Caterina. Guests can sit in these cosy nooks and watch Venetian life go by on the quiet little square outside, past the pretty shrine with fresh flowers put there each day by old ladies, and diagonally onto the canal. A Le Corbusier chair for backs and tired feet is the ideal place to settle down and read after a long day traipsing round Venice.
The house, which is known as the “dolls house” after the collection of French dolls exhibited in the main room, enjoys a fresh breeze even on the hottest days because of the passageway which leads from the canal straight to the Fondamenta Nuova, through the Campiello. From the Fondamenta Nuova, ordinary public transport boats can be taken to visit the lagoon and the islands.

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Pictures there have been presented to us by artists who have stayed with us in the past - among them French and English academicians.
There is ample cupboard space; beds are made for your arrival, and stripped when you leave. All linen and bath linen supplied.