Self catering apartments in Rome and Venice

Guest House 2

Large sitting / dining room, study, 2 double bedrooms with bathrooms ensuite, kitchen on the ground floor.

When we realised the extent of demand for Guest House 1 we decided to restore the west wing of the house. We engaged a pair of young English architects, Julian King and Chantal Wilkinson, then scarcely out of the Royal College of Art, now three children later , recently included on the latest list of up and coming architects of the younger generation. “What on earth do we need these students for,” my husband asked me at the time, “you do it so well yourself.”

Quite , but since the main supporting column went straight down the centre of that wing we did not want the whole place collapsing on us. So we entrusted what were effectively four dark dreary store rooms full of cobwebs to Wilkinson & King.

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We will never forget them they flying into lunch the first day with the enthusiasm of youth -an enthusiasm I must say we did not at the time share at all- and declaring that the place was potentially full of light, due south and west , looking onto a lovely piece of garden and the glowing Roman sunset. And now it is sunny bright yellow rooms, gay flowered chintzes posher bathrooms than I have ever used myself pretty kitchen. Ideal for families.